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Carpet Fitter

We make your home comfortable with perfectly fitted carpet. We can remove old flooring, repair or stretch carpet that needs some attention and install new carpet on floors and stairs.

Our Process

Carpet Fitter
  1. Choose your carpet. Consider pile, density, color and style.
  2. Choose your padding
  3. Schedule a measuring appointment. We’ll take exact measurement of the room so you order the right amount of carpet.
  4. Remove all items and furniture from the room (you can do this or we can).
  5. We remove your old flooring and install the new carpet.
Business Amenities
Easy payment options
Accurate estimates
We never leave a mess
Excellent customers service
Up-front and easy to read invoices

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. A carpet stretcher is a specially designed tool to make the carpet secure. Stretching the carpet prevents future movement or bubbling.

Nylon is durable and stain resistant. Polyester is very soft. Wool lasts a long time and acrylic is usually referred to as synthetic wool because they feel similar. Olefin is typically only used in commercial flooring.

Not necessarily. Carpets can be dried and sanitized without lasting damage. However, if the carpet has been wet for a long time or was damaged by water from a sewer or other unclean source, it should be replaced instead.

Yes. Be sure that the concrete floor is properly prepared first. A waterproof barrier needs to be installed, then a plywood subfloor. This will protect the carpet and padding. You could also use carpet tiles which are easy to replace if necessary.

Cut pile carpet has fibers that have been cut at the top. The fibers stand up straighter and give the carpet a more formal look. Loop pile carpets have fibers that have not been cut, but left in the loop formation. Each fiber is bent over and sewn back into the backing. Loop pile feels soft and smooth. There are also combination pile carpets that include both cut and loop pile for unique patterns and textures.

Carpet pile is the soft material that you will see once the carpet is installed. The pile is attached to a backing that keeps all the fibers in place.

Pile density is the number of pile fibers per square inch. The higher the pile density, the thicker the carpet will be.

Installers now usually use tackless carpet strips. These thin pieces of plywood are used to secure the carpet around the edges of the room and in doorways.


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